What Teachers Say:

Charlotte, Ireland

I can't believe how much faster my clients are progressing now!

They can't believe it either!

The cues you've given me are a game changer!

Thanks a million!

Pen, Thailand

A long time client suddenly started paying me more.
(I didn't raise my rates)

She could feel the difference
in her body & how I had her move!

Melissa, California

The seated suggestions you gave me for Bob (my overweight client I teach via Zoom) worked well.

Bob is upping his Pilates from 2 sessions a week to 3!

Mihee, South Korea

If you want to grow more as a Pilates teacher, RUN TO CARRIE RIGHT NOW!!!!

Carrie is the best teacher I’ve ever met!

She helped train my eyes to see things in a new & better way.

About Carrie

I am so passionate about helping Pilates Teachers achieve their goals.

I don't believe furthering your education should break the bank
or take up all your time.

I sincerely hope that you're able to take advantage of this program as I am certain it will transform how you approach, practice, and teach Pilates... no matter how new or seasoned you are!

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Teach Beginners with Confidence:

5 must-know exercises that
eliminate the what-to-teach guesswork
Yes, I Want It!


These one on one sessions are tailored for your wants and your body’s needs. We will use the entire Pilates System (all the apparatus) to achieve your goals. Classical Pilates is known for creating long lean muscles and good posture.

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If you are an advanced client and/or teacher and have a friend or 2 you'd like to take lessons with, this is a great option to reduce your costs.  All students must be pre-approved by Carrie for this type of session.

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Reserved for teachers who are in or have completed Carrie's Mentorship. You will get individual adjustments ensuring you get the most out of your class. This class will not only make you sweat, it will help you hone your practice and teaching. Limited Space.

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